Dry Eyes Overview

Dry eyes can be an unpleasant condition. Learn more about how dry eyes arises, its symptoms, and how to treat the condition with insights from this article.

Acne Prevention

Dealing with a breakout can be incredibly frustrating; no sooner do you get rid of one pimple than another one surfaces. There are, however, many ways you can prevent acne so it does not affect your everyday life.

Serious sore throat signs

3 Times a Sore Throat is a Sign of Something More Serious

Often times, a sore throat is a minor inconvenience, but it can sometimes be a cause for concern. How can a person know if their sore throat is something minor or if it is an indicator of a more serious condition?

Ellen took a selfie for Samsungs online marketing campaign

Brilliant Online Marketing Campaigns That Raised the Bar

If you want to stand out in the business world, you've got to do something big. Many companies have done just that by creating memorable campaigns that not only reached people but spurred them to action.

Nick D’Aloisio created Summly

8 People You Wouldn’t Expect to be Millionaires

What do an anonymous toy collector, a math teacher, and a guy in a t-shirt have in common? They’re all millionaires! You don’t have to be the next Bill Gates to get your big break. These eight everyday people can prove it.

White Rock Mountain in Arkansas

The Most Affordable States in America

Relocating for your career? Looking for a change of pace? Depending on where you end up, your paycheck may go farther than before.

Employees work in an open office

Pros and Cons of an Open Office

Technology giants like Google and Apple have embraced the idea of open offices, but there are advantages and disadvantages to this style of office - and whether or not it will work for you heavily depends on your personality and line of work.

Male engineer outlines plan on board

What is Electrical Engineering?

Deciding on a career path isn't easy. If you enjoy technology and challenging tasks, then electrical engineering might be the career for you. Here's the basic information you need to know about electrical engineering.

Substitute teacher shows young children a book as children raise their hands

The Truth About the Salary of a Substitute Teacher

While substitute teaching is a great way to get your foot into the door to teaching full-time, it's an inconsistent job with spontaneous hours. So what kind of salary do substitute teachers really make, anyway?

Resorts World Genting in Malaysia is one of the largest hotels in the world

10 Largest Hotels in the World

These hotels spared no expense when it came to construction; they are the biggest in the world. The huge structures are like mini cities, with everything a visitor could ever want or need...all without leaving the complex.

stonecreek golf club is a course more people should be playing

10 Golf Courses You Should Be Playing

You've heard of Augusta National and Pebble Beach, but these under-the-radar courses are just as meticulously designed without the expensive green fees and congested courses of some of the more well-known golfing destinations in the U.S.

Kiawah Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island, South Carolina is one of the best beaches in the country

10 Best Beaches in the U.S.

You've traveled all the way to the beach just to find that it's crowded, dirty, and the water's full of seaweed. Fear not! America's Dr. Beach has the 10 best beaches across the country so your next excursion will actually be relaxing.

Shawn Booth sits on a bench and contemplates his newfound fame

20 Things the World Needs to Know About Shawn Booth

He's the winner of The Bachelorette's 11th season and Kaitlyn Bristowe's new fiance - but who is Shawn Booth really? I took matters into my own hands and stalked his Instagram account to find out who the Ryan Gosling look-alike really is. You're welcome.

MTV VMAs Moonman

2015 Video Music Awards: 10 Categories We Wish Existed

The 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations are out, and ICYMI it, there's been a little controversy (not much, NBD) surrounding what videos made the cut and which ones were snubbed. So we decided to take matters into our own hands: These are the 10 categories that really should exist.

Martha Stewart laughing

Martha Stewart's 10 Food Photo Flubs

Martha Stewart is a homemaking goddess, but social media didn't come naturally to her. Until recently, food photography simply wasn't her thing. Here are her 10 least appetizing food porn tweets.

Pencils and paper

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on School Supplies

Purchasing school supplies for yourself or your children doesn't have to put a dent in your budget during the back-to-school season. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to save money and put the cool back in school.

A Degree in Culinary Arts

Serious about a career in culinary arts? A degree from a culinary arts college may not be required to work in the culinary field, but it will vastly increase your chances of achieving your goal!

Paying for an Online Counseling Degree

With the recent updates to insurance funding, the demand for counselors has drastically increased, meaning that graduates have many opportunities to pay off loans that are related to their online counseling degrees.